Friday notes


Things have been really awful-bad and bad-awful. I'm kind of a messy disaster but am trying. So here are some little notes for the week.

1. My plants are growing happily in the sun. One of my all time favorite parts of each day is watering them in the evening before it gets dark. The dogs pounce about the yard and I love the smell of water from a hose, and feeling the spray on my feet.

2. Cricket! Last night she fell off the couch and started growling as if she was being attacked and pushed off. She fell on a pillow,  it was so hilarious!

Also, she LOVES getting her picture taken! Whenever I have my camera out, she rushes up and sits in front of me. She always is so proud of herself when she sits (first thing we taught her). I think she considers herself a superhero...she is awesome.

3. This mini bird house my nephews Liam and Sam painted for me. I love it so much and am going to hang it on a wall in my art space. They live in Colorado with my niece and brother and sister-in-law. I miss them lots!

4. Peonies are in full force right now. I bought so many at the market and am so in love. They smell like heaven and are exactly what I need on a bad day.

5. I finally ordered business cards. I am going to actually start building my career as an artist. Here's to hope and courage.

6. Oh, and I got this bad-ass letterhead. For "Dear Editor, please publish my poem" type notes.

7. My adorable nephew Jonas (JoJo) said "I love you Auntie C!" to my sister this week. This is the first time he said I love you on his own without responding to someone saying it to him. I'm his Auntie C, so this made me incredibly happy and melty!

8. Three day weekend with my doll-face, who just had a birthday (will share pictures soon!). We are going to do some home projects and have a bbq with my in-laws. Fun and fun.


So yeah. Life is life. And it's both shitty and good. I get scared and am sick, but then ok. I hate being sick, and I so want to live my life. A full life. A Catherine life. I hope it works. I hope I can do it.


  1. I'm glad to see the good amidst the bad. It's there. Dear god yes, it's there, and you have the gift of finding it. It reminds me to look for it in my own good-bad-shitty life. Where you have Cricket, I have kittens, and they light up my life!! And omg, your nephew! That would make me all melty too ^_^ So glad to see you pushing ahead as an artist! I'm doing the same, but in my own, slower, different way. Also as a writer/blogger extraordinaire.

    Yes. Yes you can. You absolutely can do it. You've come SO far, through SUCH darkness… I see so much more light in you now, so much more hope. Maybe you can't see it, but I can. You smile more in your blog, even on the bad days, even when you're crying. A Catherine life. My dear, my dear… even though you are sick, and scared, and sometimes sad and want to end it… don't you see? You already HAVE *such* a Catherine life! You have a life like no other, I tell you. I could never replicate it, that's for damn sure! lol

    1. I love this comment. I am going to keep it in my inbox to remind me that things will be ok. Oh and you write wonderfully!

  2. Your plants look lovely and Cricket is adorable!! What a beautiful furry friend :) and I love the business cards. I sincerely hope things get better soon my friend. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. <3
    Those business cards are SOOOOOOO LOVELY!!!! And the letterhead is badass!!!!! I'm so excited for you!

    I love peonies too. I have yet to get any this season too.. and they've been pretty cheap in stores! I need to get on it.

    Cricket is hilarious!!!!!! Her little face! She looks proud! And also like "yes darling, keep the pictures coming!"

    1. I know, Cricket is so silly around the camera, I love it! Love your posts with pics of Ole! He is the sweetest! xoxox


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