Live In volume 1- Rear Window

Dear Sweets,

I'm starting a new feature on the blog called "Live In". I will share movies, pictures, or any other place I would love to live in, and my personal interpretation of what it would be like. No clue how often I will do this, but I'll share when I can.

First up is one of my favorite movies, Rear Window. I am a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan, and can seriously watch his movies every day (I usually do actually!). Grace Kelly is stunning and James Stewart is one of my favorite actors ever. 

I love the cozy yet public apartments as everyone leaves their curtains open due to the Summer heat. We only get small peaks of James Stewarts apartment, but the little I see, I love. He is a photographer for magazines and has photos of his adventures everywhere. Grace Kelly's outfits are totally brilliant (designed by Edith Head, of course...who could be better?), and James' nurse, who visits to check on his leg, has the best rye humor ever. 

One of the many amazing talents of Hitchcock's is to create an elaborate and deep story without changing locations. I don't think the movie leaves the apartment once. Everything is seen from James' perspective, stuck in his apartment, peaking out the window. One of my favorite scenes is of the ballerina in one apartment eating fried chicken and slices of white sandwich bread in her bloomers while doing PliĆ©s. And I love the windows of the struggling piano composers apartment (Hitchcock makes his appearance there, adjusting the time on a mantle clock). Oh, and there is a cute dog, and well...I can't give it all away. ;)

If you haven't seen this movie yet,  I highly recommend it! Below are some scenes from the movie, and my modern interpretation.

So what do you think of the new feature? More soon! Happy weekend!

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  1. I haven't seen Rear Window, really want to now, is it your favourite Hitchcock film? Think my favourite of his is Psycho. Loving this new feature :) x


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