About me

Hi Dove!

Here's a bit about me: I wear dresses and red lipstick most days (but I also love sweatpants and slippers). I love fashion, reading poetry, and enjoying nature. During the week you can find me working part time in marketing, writing at a coffee shop, at my desk making things, enjoying my garden and a strong cup of coffee, and playing with our four pups (Isabelle, Amelia, Cricket, and Harry). 

Ronald and I have been married twelve years. It has gone by in a whirl and I can't wait for the years to come. I really adore this fella. He is a smarty-pants and I love how passionate he is about things. We both like whiskey and eating junk food on the weekends. Oh and traveling, and action movies.

I have been fighting severe depression for over eleven years. It's been the hardest thing I've ever had to face. Much of my life is spent convincing myself to get through the day, it is quite exhausting. But I'm a scrappy girl and won't give up. Things have recently improved a great deal. All my intense work in therapy and search for medications that help seem to be paying off! I actually have many good moments throughout the week! It's amazing and I feel more positive and hopeful than ever.

I have so many dreams and goals. I want to have my writing published. I want to make things every day and enjoy the little things. I want to be a pinup, live in Paris, have a greenhouse, and have a lot more tattoos.

I blog to have a voice and make connections. I love sharing bits of my world and the little things that inspire me. I hope they will inspire you too.

xo, C


  1. I LOVE your new about me and I LOVE your new layout. That picture of you is sooo pretty and cute! And I love the glitter and the colors. It's perfect!

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I adore your notes! Please don't be shy! :)