I like things.

Hi Buttercup-darlings.

How are you? I miss you. R, me, and the three monster-pups are cuddled up on our makeshift sectional in the living room. It's hot out but cool and snug inside. Twinkle lights around the fireplace are lit and there are a bunch of flowers on the coffee table.

Things have been stressful, but might be calming down. It's been a long week! Trying to do my best to rest when I can.

Oh and I have caught the art journal bug. Not the Project Life, or scrapbook bug, which I do occasionally but never really feel like it's "me". I want to fill journals with watercolor-washes, magazine clippings, words, and inky messes.

We are going to Orlando in a little over a week (Ronald has a work conference and I'm hopping along), I thought this would be a great time to mess around with an art journal. I have a travel set of watercolors, and am going to go through my magazines for clippings so I can set up a little envelope of goodies. Do you journal or art journal? Any tips or advice on the best products/techniques?

Without further adieu, here are some things I like:

Have you heard of Bright Nest? I'm sort of obsessed with it! It has tons of tips on home-life
in all kinds of categories. You can schedule the projects you want to do, save your favorites, and even keep track of what you want to do in each room of your house or apartment.

This dress is the best.

I don't bake anymore (I miss it!), but I love this cake pan.

All I've been wanting to do in the afternoons is watch Baby Boom with Diane Keaton.
We don't own it so I haven't been watching it, but It is so cute and funny! If you haven't
seen it, you really should. (I think I already posted about this, but it's so good I can't help it.)

This iPad sleeve is awesome! They also make it in iPad mini, and iPhone size!

I've seen these a lot online, but not in this copper color. I love it! I would love to fill it with plants, knowing our house though, it would probably end up being full of dog toys!

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