Meet Harry! We rescued him yesterday. We weren't planning on getting another dog anytime soon, we have thought about it but hadn't made up our minds. We found out our vet had a lost puppy that no one had claimed, they told us they wanted us to take him, but that another family might be interested. Yesterday I got a voicemail that if we didn't take him he was going to the pound. I just couldn't deal with knowing another dog would go to the pound. Even if he was adopted, it might mean another dog would be euthanized in his place, and he might be euthanized if he wasn't adopted. Since we were open to getting another dog, it was hard to say no. After mulling it over we decided to take this little mutt home. 

He is a chihuahua mix and under ten pounds, so pretty tiny. The vet thinks he is 6 months old, but he acts way more like a 3 or 4 month old. He is crazy! Hardly sleeps and nips like no ones business! I am so glad we took him in after seeing his issues with biting. He is so cute that I could totally see a family with young kids adopting him and then not being able to handle him due to his biting issue. Luckily we can work with him. 

He didn't sleep much so we didn't sleep much last night either, so exhausted! He also isn't potty trained. Lots of work to do but we can handle it. The other pups are doing fine. Setting boundaries and trying to figure him out.

I had a huge sob meltdown last night. I thought we made a huge mistake and that he was too crazy to handle. Luckily I feel better this morning. Having a puppy is hard, but we have dealt with it three times before.

I'll try to get better pictures of our little buddy soon. I love the last picture of his puppy butt! Pups are the cutest!

xo, C


  1. Gorgeous boy!! I'm so happy he's found a loving home with other pups and humans who will treat him beautifully. Good for you two C & R xxx


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