puppy business

It's all puppy all the time around here. Harry is a wonderful little monster. He is learning to potty train pretty well. He goes to the door most of the time, but sometimes doesn't make it. During the day I take him out every 15 minutes (dude has a tiny bladder!). He also fights sleep so hard. He wants to be up and playing all day. He plays until he totally poops out and hardly slept the first night. He is napping in my lap right now and I'm doing my best not to move. He wakes super easily. Silly fella!

The other pups are doing great with him. Still adjusting and a bit jealous as he is always following us around and getting more attention since he is still in the puppy stage. I am so amazed at how sweet they are being to him though. One of my favorite moments has been watching Amelia (our 70 pound black lab) play with him. She could crush this guy if she wanted to, but she is so gentle and loves to bop him on the nose. 

So far his nicknames are: Ham Bone, Hash Brown, Buddy, and Dude. 

I love seeing his little personality come out and watching all the silly things he does. When we got him he had a toy that had been with him at the kennel. It is some weird purple stuffed animal and it is definitely his woobie. We call it his Purple Nurple. 

He is happy. We are happy. The other pups are happy. It's good.

In other news I am figuring some shit out. Having a mild fibro flare thing. Caught up on homework. And I am supposed to be writing right now, but am avoiding it by blogging. My nails are a bitchin' shade of blue. And we have discovered our strawberry thief isn't a squirrel, it's actually Amelia! That girl loves her some fruit!

xo, C 

p.s. I promise I will blog about something other than pups soon. I'm working on some posts about being myself, anxiety, and getting through rough days, so keep an eye out!

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