I've been sleeping like shit the last three nights. The only thing getting me out of bed at 5:30 is the nightmares that plagued me all night. It sucks. For awhile my sleep was improving, but now it's bad again. I usually sleep badly for several months and then sleep a little better for about a month. Why can't the good sleep last longer than the bad? I am an unlucky sleeper.

In less bummer news, it's this little pups birthday tomorrow! She is going to be eight! I can't believe this little spunky monster is that old, she is so rambunctious and just our oink-y little piglet. It just so happens she is going to the groomer tomorrow morning, so after I drop her off I am going to sneak over to the pet store to get her some prezzies. I think a puppy party is in order, after all, you only turn eight once! 

Happy almost-birthday Isabelle, oh I love you so!

xo, C

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