flower gal (and puppy too)

So we got home safe Thursday night. I am so happy to be back! I missed home a lot and I am feeling really inspired and motivated. It is such a different feeling than I am used to,  so it's nice.

Since we've been home I have been making the bed every morning. For some reason the bedroom is the last part of the house I clean and so I often don't get to it. But making the bed really makes the day feel different. There are so many things I love about home. I especially love all the plants we have. Cricket does too (as you can see), she loves smelling flowers, especially roses...it's so cute! My herbs are growing enough to start being used. I think we are going to use the peppermint for some cocktails this week, and I am planning on making a Summer pasta dish, so the basil will be perfect! 

We have a mimosa tree growing (never planted it, but its there). I love it and constantly talk to Ronald about it. I tell him about how the leaves close in the mornings and then open to the sun, and about how much the hummingbirds love to visit the blooms, I worry about the tree too. It's sort of silly, but I'm garden obsessed!

I was tummy sick most of the night. The pups were (and are) so worried, it's cute. They have laid by me all morning and snuggled up close while I tried to sleep last night, I just adore them! I woke up at 4:30 this morning and am so tired now. I need more coffee. I guess I'll be going on a Starbucks run soon. ;)

This week I'm going to focus on organizing my craft projects, setting up a better schedule, and simplifying my beauty and skincare routine. Oh and I think a good walk is in order. 

What are you doing this week? I'd love to hear!

Talk soon!


  1. I'm catching up on my blog reading today and am thrilled to have read this. It's good to be able to feel your cheerful spirit in the words of this post! Hope you continue to have happy, cheerful days!

  2. You make me smile. Always. (Mimosa tree made me think of little glasses of sparkling wine and OJ on a tree. It's not an awful thought. At all.)

    I am hoping to submit a difficult letter this weekend. I want a resolution, good or bad, to an ongoing problem. I'm too tired for this. It needs to be over. (Fingers crossed that it's GOOD.)


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