oh, hello!

Hi Loverly,

Suddenly it's Saturday. Suddenly it's Summer. And the day will be so long, and I just want to see the stars tonight and imagine the worlds around them.

This week was kind of a busy blur. I snapped this picture on Monday when I took myself on a coffee date. I have only been to this cafe' a time or two, but have decided it's going to be 'my place'. It reminds me of Paris and the tables are made of marble. Oh and free refills on their enormous bowls of coffee (can it get any better?!?!). Yeah, I need to go to there once a week at least (oh Liz Lemon, I miss you!). All I did was read and drink coffee. It was so nice. And that is kind of all I want to do these days...and take bubble baths. Those are nice too.


  1. I have café envy. Huge café envy. That looks, and sounds amazing! Awh. Your place. I love that. I need one of those, too. I think I need to start café shopping.

  2. That's so cool. There really aren't any cafes around to "shop" in my parts, but I know the feeling of having that "place" to sit, drink coffee, read, dream, or chat and reminisce. It's like a safe space for the heart and mind.


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