Travel tipper

Hi Dear.

Leaving Florida and heading home today. I'm so tired I'm starting to doubt we will ever really be home again. Lots of bad sleep this trip, but we will be home tonight, whether I believe it or not. Ha!

I thought I would share a few travel tips I use, so here goes...

1. Stretch the night before you go and the morning of your trip. This helps me a ton. I usually do a floor sequence of yoga poses, as well as touching my toes for 30 seconds or more then slowly rolling up to standing.

2. Check your bags! I know you have to pay to check bags with several airlines, but sometimes it's worth it. No dragging luggage in the airport, or struggling to find room for it on the plane. Oh, and you can bring all the damn shampoo you want!

3. Bring a large flexible purse type bag that can be squished under the seat. I have a suede and leather bag that I use. I got it years ago for a pretty penny but it is my go-to bag for when I travel. It also doubles as my laptop bag at home. I can fit all I need for the flight, my DSLR, and even a small pillow! At the same time, it can also be used as an everyday purse as it doesn't have structure sides which makes it great for traveling. Invest in a nice bag if you can, but if you do make sure it's a classic style. You can also use a backpack.

4. Keep smaller bags in your carry-on purse. This way you can grab things without struggling. I have one small makeup bag that I use for my meds, a sleep mask, lotion, makeup, and little snacks or mints.

I also have a pencil pouch that I keep headphones, tissues, lip balm, and a pen. Before we take off I grab this pouch and put it in the chair-back in front of me. It's kind of my 'go bag', I have the basic things I will want for the flight, and don't have to dig in my purse for each little thing.

5. Bring slippers. It's nice to get out of my everyday shoes and into something more comfy. Mine have rubber soles so I can even walk through the airport with them (I have done this more than I'd like to admit).

6. If you are an ebook person, bring a paperback too. I use my iPad for most of my reading, but nothing beats a book that you can actually hold in your hand, and flick the pages. My eyes often get tired from staring at the screen of my iPad, so this way I can switch to something easier on my eyes.

7. Bring music. I usually make a compilation of songs I am liking at the moment. This trip I made a comp of French music. Listening to it now and it's the best!

8. Don't forget the tech stuff. Whatever gadgets you like, bring them. I get so bored on flights and can't focus on one thing for long, so having lots of options works best for me.

9. Layer your clothes and be comfy. My normal travel outfit is a dress and leggings, with comfy flats that are easy to take off. I always bring a scarf, and a hoodie or sweater. Lately I've been bringing fingerless gloves as I have swelling in the joints of my hands and sometimes the cold aggravates it. Whatever you do, think about being comfy first.

10. Notebooks are your friend. I always keep a notebook in my bag even at home, and flights are the perfect time to get my head/life a little organized. I always seem to figure out a new approach to a problem, get a craft or poem idea, or find a hairstyle I want to try. Steno books or the small Moleskines are my favorite.


Ok. It's time to fly home! Hope these helped a pinch...talk soon!


  1. I love this post. I love the idea of the pencil pouch with quick-at-hand travel things. Great idea!

    And notebooks. I can never have too many notebooks (it makes my husband insane)! Yes.

  2. Thanks Kim! I have way too many notebooks too! They are just so cute, and writers need notebooks, right?!?!?! Bookshelves full of empty notebooks is totally reasonable. Ha!

    xoxox, C


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