My amaryllis grew from a bulb to a sprout in just two weeks!

My new tea set I bought from Mod Cloth with a Christmas giftcard arrived yesterday and I'm completely in love with it!

It's so pretty and I am happy with the quality. The porcelain is thick and sturdy.

The deer print is so cute and reminds me of the little gal below...

Miss Cricket! She reminds me of a deer and has really tall and thin legs. 

I bought the first daffodils of the season yesterday!

They are so cheerful and lovely.

They remind me of stars.

I also ordered this little light-up hedgehog. I can't wait to light it tonight!

I love these vintage children's books, they have the cutest covers! 

Ronald gave me this leather sketchbook for Christmas and it is beyond perfect.

I love that it has a place to store my pens.

The paper is nice and thick and lightly textured.


I had a rough morning. My fibromyalgia pain is really intense, and I had horrible nausea that has finally gone away. I picked up my first pain medication prescription and will start it tonight. I hope it helps.

Now I am watching Downton Abbey and resting. The candles are lit, and the pups and I are all snuggled in blankets. I am going to go make some tea. 




  1. That tea set is soooo cute and made me realize that I really want a tea set!
    Cricket is so cute. I want to rub her fuzzy ears!!!
    Love the flowers. I need some in the house. My orchids just died after being in bloom since end of September!
    I'm sorry the pain is so intense. :( I can't even imagine. Thinking good thoughts on your new pain medication!!!
    Snuggling in sounds nice. I can't wait to get home tonight!

  2. I hope you feel better soon.
    Super jealous that your plants are sprouting! Go you!
    Miss Cricket it so darn cute. I'm sure she's cuddling next to you and trying to make you feel better. :) I love pups.
    That tea set a-dorable. I love tea kettles!
    I've been buying weird and random ones I've seen here and there.. but no sets. Will have to remember that.

  3. Your vintage children's books are just too cute! And I LOVE that tea set you got! I hope you start feeling a little better.


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