Our Cricket is such a silly puppy. We have nylabones throughout the house so she chews on them rather than destroying our furniture/shoes/bedding (basically she will tear up anything laying around!). We call the nylabones her "binkies" because when we give one to her to stop her from getting into trouble, she immediately starts chewing on it, like how a baby uses a pacifier. :)

We have only had her a few months and she already needs some replacement nyla-s. Luckily that was her Christmas wish so I think she will have a basket full!

I'm so glad we rescued her. She is a ton of work...I mean a lot! But she is so sweet and just knowing  that we have totally changed her life is wonderful.

She was at a shelter in Fresno for a long time, and I think just for a dog to be in a shelter, and in a cage most of the time can be traumatic. Each weekend the shelter would fill a mini van with kennels of dogs stacked on top of each other and drive two and a half hours to Dublin (where we adopted her). That had to be so scary for those pups! I can't imagine. They told us Cricket did this for months (she was only 7 months old!) and no one wanted her. I don't know why no one snatched her up, she is completely adorable1 I just think of how she didn't have anyone to rely on, and how scary that must have been for her.

When we took her to the vet the day after we brought her home, she had a skin infection, fleas, and lots of sores on her tummy. It's nice knowing she is now spoiled and well taken care of.

I can't say enough how important it is to adopt your next pet. When you realize how many animals are maltreated, abused, and just not loved, it is totally devastating. It's so easy to find shelters where you can adopt! Just look online! It's worth it!

To give a donation you can go to the ASPCA here or you can give to a smaller shelter. It's Christmas which is a great time to give! Also remember they are always looking for cat and dog food, towels, blankets, and toys!

xx, C

*this post isn't sponsored by anyone, I just wanted to share my thoughts.


  1. What a wonderful thing you did, adopting your baby. I'm sure her life is better than she ever imagined.
    You must feel happy, knowing the effect your actions have had on Cricket.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!


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