Plant Lady

Yesterday I took care of my plants. I can't tell you how much I love keeping plants. I feel so calm and peaceful when I care for them. I used to kill every plant in a few weeks, but now I've had some of these plants for a year or more! I set up a table in front of our sliding glass door in our dining room to keep the plants. It is a very sunny window but I have a sheer curtain in the window so it distills some of the light. I think the biggest thing I've learned about keeping plants is to not dote on them. The worst thing to do is over-water I think. I usually water my plants every two weeks or less. I check them every week as each plant is on a bit of a different schedule. Also, where you keep your plants is super important, don't expect a plant in little sun to grow properly. I have saved some plants from my mistake of overwatering on occasion, putting them out in the sun for a few days usually does the trick.

If you don't have a green thumb and want to become a plant lady, I recommend starting out with a succulent, cactus, or something with thick leaves, like an african violet. They hold more water and are a little more hardy so easier to care for.

They always have great and inexpensive houseplants at Ikea and Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's always has them planted in a cute planter, and Ikea has a great selection of planters to add. Home depot and Lowe's usually have a plant guarantee where if the plant dies within a year you can replace it for free!

Okay. Enough about plants. ;)

Today Ronald is going to therapy with me so we can talk to my doctor about treatment options and the next steps in getting me well. I'm worried about hearing my prognosis, but also just want to know what we are going to do next.

After that we are going to my primary care doctor to see why I am in so much pain. The other day the pain in my hands was so bad I could hardly hold the steering wheel while driving! I have so much joint pain, it's crazy. I will keep you posted on what the doctor says.

Sending love and wishing you all a green thumb!



  1. Hello!
    So this post makes me UBER jealous of you! I adore plants and cannot for the life of me get any to make it past the month mark. They all die..boo.
    I do however have plans to make a little succulent arrangement within the next couple of weeks and see how that turns out for me.
    Ps: I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Your plants look so lovely!!! I hope your doctor finds something out about your pain!

  3. I can't keep plants at all, I'm totally jealous!!! That's a lovely little spot.


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