simple Halloween

How was your Halloween? Ours was very chill. We picked up cheap Chinese food, watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, and had cake. We also bought the girls some special treats and they loved them. I tried to get them to pose for the camera while they were waiting for the treats but it wasn't easy to keep them still as they were so excited!

In other news. We have to get a new wash machine as ours is broken. The only thing is we don't want to wait to have it delivered (next week), so we have to think of some creative way to get it home. :) We need to do laundry so bad, it's crazy!

My back is hurting again. But the good news is I should be getting my CPAP machine any day now. I am so ready for deep sleep!

I hope you had a lovely Halloween! I am so excited it is November and can't wait to start getting things ready for Christmas!

xx, C


  1. What an awesome cake! I love your mantel too.

  2. It looks like your Halloween was nice! Your dogs are so adorable and you mantle looks lovely!

  3. That sounds like a perfect halloween!
    Your critters are SO cute!

  4. Sometimes the chill Halloween are the best, and you seriously can't go wrong with The Nightmare Before Christmas and cake :) Hope you back starts feeling better soon!


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