Thanks for all the sweet and encouraging comments during this time. You all are the best!

Things keep going. It's almost the weekend. I've been trying to sleep the depression off. It isn't really working but at least it gives me a rest from how bad things are. Today I'm going to try to sweep the floors, make the bed, and do a load of laundry. It will be a huge success if I can get these things done.

It's so cold and autumn and dreary out. I absolutely love it. It makes my heart beat just a bit faster which is a good thing.

xx, C


  1. Do what you can... Glad you're keeping on. Thinkin' about you.

    I hear you on fall. Today is so gloomy outside and it made me sooooo happy! Walking to my car on the way to work.. it smelled so fall fresh. I love it

  2. The cooler weather always puts me in a better mood. Hope you feel better today!

  3. So sorry to read that you're going through such a difficult time :(

    I like the dreary weather too. I hope things improve for you soon, you seem like a really lovely person.


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