life goes on

When I think of how many years have gone by with me holding on by tired fingertips I get sad, anxious, and overwhelmed. This isn't living, this is just surviving. And I'm tired.

So I listen to music and think about Autumn. I imagine things being better, I imagine hope and doing something I enjoy. Having room for good in my life rather than being full of this illness muck.

And here I am, and I'm alive but not well, and my heart hurts so bad I can't find words.

xx, C


  1. Praying for Light to fill your heart and soul.

    I hate that you have to suffer so. And am asking for a miracle. Enough is enough already!!

    May God's Grace, Peace, Mercy and Joy flood into your life.

  2. That painting fits your post so much it makes me want to cry


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