This little pup ate my blueberry lip balm while R and I were on a date yesterday. We knew it was her and not the other two dogs because her beard smelled like blueberries! So her new nickname is Old Blueberry Beard. She is feeling very pirate-ish.

This little Cricket tore apart an entire memory foam pillow while we were gone for 20 minutes this morning. She tore it into little tiny pieces...

This gigantic adorable pup Amelia hasn't really done anything wrong. She does like to burp in our faces though, which is pretty gross.


In other news things are still hard. I have some doctor appointments today so I hope we make some progress in my treatment.

How are you?

Love, C

*update* since this post, Cricket ate one of the cushions from our $800 Ikea couch. Lovely... :(


  1. The joy they bring us outweighs all the expense and aggravation!! I can't imagine my life without fur and four paws around me. I hope you are well today.

  2. Silly babies. That's hilarious that you have a little pirate doggie now!

  3. Awwww! They're so cute!! Old blueberry beard!! Haha. Amelia's expression kills me.

  4. oh crap!! last night cuba was going at my memory foam pillow! i freaked! glad i caught her.
    kids are so obnoxious sometimes. ;)
    hope you make progress too. sending ya hugs

  5. The burp sounds toxic XD

  6. Haha what an adorable post. Naughty dogs are so adorable <3 Isn't it funny how the best behaved dogs always look the most guilty?

  7. Oh, that little Cricket! Naughty! I'm sorry!


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