Find of the week-antique planter

This week I went to an antique store with my sister. I fell in love with this blue lady planter when we first walked in, but it was really high up on a shelf and this antique store is very cluttered so I was worried I would break something, and also that this little planter would be way out of my price range, so I walked through the rest of the store without it. I found an old print of a horse race for $12 and then decided I would brave it and look at the price of the planter as I couldn't get it out of my head. Only problem was I couldn't find it anymore! This antique store is an old house with several rooms so I scoured everything but still no luck. I paid for the print and was ready to leave when I decided to look in the first room one more time...and there it was on the high shelf. I pulled it down and looked at the price and was shocked to see that it was only $15! So I purchased it in a hurry.

I am so happy I found this little lady! She is gorgeous and adds a pinch of color to our white shelf.

We are putting our Ikea furniture together and have the living room all set up, so stay tuned for some pictures this week of the changes!

Love, C


  1. Lovely planter! Speaking of planters, I got a little bunny one this weekend :] Yay for planters. I can't wait to see photos of what the furniture looks like!

  2. That's so pretty. I can't wait to see your new furniture (as if your house could get any more awesome)!

  3. I cannot wait to see all the furniture put together. You decorate awesome. And huzzah for finding something you like and it not being outrageously expensive!

  4. I love your home! I also love old planters, its become a collecting thing of mine!


  5. Oh thanks guys. It was weird, the day before I was on Etsy looking at vintage planters and decided I want that to be my new collection. I guess it was fate that I found this!

    xx, C


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