If you really knew me post.

You would know that:

This is my just woke up from a nap/no makeup face.

I hate getting my picture taken and very rarely show my teeth when I smile.

I put on a great front in social situations and seem confident and can take control and be a leader, or care for someone but inside I am just a huge nervous mess.

I watch cartoon movies to fall asleep every night (favorites are Megamind, Despicable Me, and The Princess and the Frog).

I have crazy (crazy) bedhead every morning.

I need to be alone a lot or just with Ronald or I get tired and grumpy.

I cancel plans sometimes due to my depression, but it isn't that I don't want to do things.

I save flies and get sad for any flying bug trapped in a house or building. I try to rescue them even if it is hard, yet I kill spiders. Weird...

I love animals so much and sometimes thinking about ones that are hurting makes me cry.

I want to have a baby so bad but am having issues with infertility.

I'm haunted by 9/11 and dream about it all the time even though I didn't personally lose anybody in the attack.

I am shoe and purse crazy.


xx, Catherine

Tell me something about you. :)


  1. Spiders are evil creatures. It's ok to kill them. =) I'm the same way in social situations. I like the idea of going out with people sometimes, but then once it's happening I end up just wishing I was at home.

  2. U look good 2 say u jst got up lv :-) i get bed head n got fertility issues too x know what its like wi bi polar chick u jst gotta do ur best x cos thats all u can do :-) xx


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