lazy + adorable + burrito + hunter

Amelia is so lazy and adorable. She is super smart but also does the silliest things. This morning she even found a way to throw her favorite ball with her mouth and then catch it. She is terrified of certain rooms in our house, loves to eat, and sleep. She reminds us when it is time to go to bed each night by running around the house until we say "do you want to go to bed?!?". She also knows how to make chewbacca-esque sounds when she is excited about something.

Isabelle as a yoda-burrito

Isabelle as a hunter.

Isabelle is so crazy. She barks a lot and is definitely the guard dog of the group. She especially hates the dog next door (which is fine with us because the owner is mean), and squirrels running across the telephone lines. She also "puffs" which means she takes a toy and holds it in her mouth laying down while her front paws move up and down on her dog bed (its kind of hard to explain). She has an obsession for stuffed hedgehog toys (for reals, its an addiction), and any time we get her one she puffs on it right away. It's to the point that we can get her to "puff" on command most of the time. She also has an affinity for crushed up water bottles and runs around the house chasing them and crunching them with her mouth. She is sixteen pounds and is known to run around chasing male antlered deer.

Anyway, these are our crazy children and we love them oh-so.

Do you have a  pet? What do you love most about them?

xx, C


  1. Too cute!!! I love that my Mason and I have a ritual when we go to bed. I have to lift up the covers for him to go under, then he has to twirl around like a cat at least 10 times, and then he plops himself down next to my legs. I love him!

  2. Last December I saved two sweet kittens from a horrible ending; my ex landlady wanted to killed them; smash their heads, that is what she said. Yup, some people in the countryside in Italy still kill kittens. Anyway, I brought them with me and spent a lot of money on them, as they were sick, money that I do not really have, as I had not done any translation work for ages. Anyway, I named them Luna Bruni, sister to Carla Bruni, haha, and Kiwi. They have been a blessing and delight in my life. Luna is so so sweet and funny; she steals any ring or hairpin I leave behind and hide it in her basket, so adorable and makes my heart melts. I think of her as a little girl trapped in a kitten's body, hehe. She is clean, sweet, smart, brave and loving. Kiwi is a typical male: greedy, ungrateful, coward, and dirty, hahaha. But I love him dearly. Despite my financial difficulties I still spend more on them than on me; I would skip cheese, even though I LOVE cheese, especially in Italy Come On, and on other foods but I would get them the best quality food and rush them to the vet if they are not feeling well. Before I never understood the fuss people have over their pets, now I do understand and appreciate it :)

    Cat, your pets are so lucky to have you; such a sweet and caring person :)
    Keep the smile girl.

  3. She looks like a little chewy! LOL but so cute! Our little macy has this adorable morning stretching routine that we love!

    twitter: cincy_cindrella

  4. Oh my gosh. Your pups adorable and quirky and have so much personality! And so photogenic!

    Small dogs are always the most, um, aggressive of the bunch...so say my 3 of my 4 who like to chase dually pickups/motorcycles/bikes down the street. Heh.



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