Here are a few outfit ideas I have for Vegas (click on image for sources). I actually found the heeled oxfords at Ross for $16.99 and sort of felt like I was stealing. ;) They are so cute and I have been looking for some for a long time!

This afternoon I am getting my hair cut back to a crop. It has really grown out, so it will be nice to have an actual style again.

What would you wear to Vegas?

Love, C


  1. Cute outfit!!! Those shoes are amazing!

  2. I am also headed to Vegas soon! I don't really dress up a lot, so that is going to be weird for me. I have to attend a wedding while I am there so I bought a few things...(and still want to go purchase a few lol!)

    I cannot find the dresses I bought to link to you but one of them is black with tiny white polka dots, plunging v-neck, and scrunched bottom that hides my stomach. I am not comfortable in anything that doesn't hide my stomach lol. The best part is I got them on clearance at Torrid for 19.99 each! (the one I love is regularly 99 bucks!)

    Here are two shirts that I think are just amazing!
    Floral Black Strapless Shirt with Cherry Blossoms on it -- http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Clothing/Tops//Black+Floral+Print+Strapless+Top-593860.jsp

    Black Sheer Lacy Top (I tried it in hot pink and black but it just wasn't me. It was cute though.) -- http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Clothing/Tops//Black+Lace+Tie+Front+Top-590330.jsp

  3. Thanks gals!

    V- those tops are so cute and I'm sure you will look great in the dress, sounds cute! I know what you mean about hiding tummies, I always hide mine but am trying to be braver and where dresses and clothes that I actually like instead of just cover ups.

    Such great sales from Torrid, I've never shopped there but have looked at their stuff online and it's so cute!

    xx, C

  4. Well, I ended up going to another Torrid and getting that top with the cherry blossoms. I was way to happy about it! haha. I ALSO got my first pair of skinny leg jeans. [those things are sooo comfy! and look awesome on.]

    Yeah...it used to be the plus size version of Hot Topic, and changed over the years. I like the change. They have a lot of clothes that are pin-up looking and just cute.


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