May Fourth

I finally found a perpetual clock at an antique store! It was only ten dollars and came in its original box!  It needs some shining up as there is some sticky stuff on the front, but I couldn't help but start using it right away out of excitement.

I also was the "kid" in Yosemite filling one of those mini velvet bags with rocks and "gems" for $7.95. Yes it was silly, but I love how they look on my desk, especially on this vintage plate with a photo of Queen Elizabeth II, found at a thrift store for $2.50.

Ever since I wrote the "things I'm afraid to tell you" post I have been tremendously anxious and a bit melancholy. Its hard to share that much stuff. I've noticed that I have become more and more scared to be honest on here as well as in real life. I'm keeping myself cocooned and hidden mainly out of fear. I wish I could shake this instantly, but it doesn't work that way. Damn.

Love a melancholy, C

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  1. Love that clock! Don't worry about feeling a bit anxious about sharing stuff. I know you can't just shake it but it will get easier the more you do it!


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