in and out

This afternoon I tidied our disaster-house here and there. Putting essential oils in a drawer, watering plants, making the bed. I love home, I love this nest.

I've been working for about a month now and I think I am getting the hang of it. I have been so stressed I have really let my internal life fall to the wayside. I stopped journaling, writing in my personal blog, and reading. It's time to start those things back up. I miss those things. I miss those simple moments. 

I know I keep talking about Mary Oliver, but oh fuck I love her. Reading just a few of her poems made me want to write again, take time to look at the stars at my 5 a.m. walk, and slow down and enjoy my espresso. Poetry is such a powerful inspiration to me. I need to remember that. Maybe poetry is my religion. Poetry and kindness...that sounds good.

This coming week I'm going to take myself on a date to my favorite little French Cafe'. Do some trudging in the garden, and read some damn books. I feel like I am slowing down to realize everything is ok, I don't need to constantly stress about whether I am doing ok at work, ok at life, etc. It is what it is, slow down and enjoy it.

xo, C

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