some words on love

Like and love are weird little worms. I love it. It's vulnerable and raw and scary as hell. Loving Ronald is the best thing I've ever done. The more I let my tender show, the more connected I feel, not just to him but to myself, to the earth, to the preciousness of the moment.

I'm not so great at being vulnerable and putting myself out there. The conundrum is that I am also a very open person, so to others it probably seems like I am being vulnerable, but really it is just the speech I carry, the words I muster to describe my weird life. Vulnerable is much harder to get at, that sticky squishy red heart stuff. But when I'm there, vulnerable, cracked shell, busted open apple, I feel alive. 

So here's to scary love, scary like, and the raw wonder of being exposed.

xo, C

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