Australia adventure part one-- Museum of Modern Art

Hi Loves!

I think its about time I shared some pictures of our trip to Brisbane. The first day I had to myself I ventured across the river to an art museum. I didn't know what to expect as I have never been to an art museum...(I know, crazy). I had a blast wondering around on my own, and I just about wanted to buy the entire gift shop! Here's a little storyboard of my day.

On our balcony ready to go.

Trusty mary janes (from Urban Outfitters) and leggings.

Skeleton hands in my hair. I love these and want to wear them every day!

This geometric awning was across the street from our hotel. I love it!

The primary statue outside the museum. It makes me feel so heavy and downtrodden.

Cool motel sign art.

Got there a little early so sat on a bench and journaled.

Love the art museum siding!

The brokenness of this piece and the vibrant colors are such a contrast.

These nudes in clouds were some of my favorites!

Especially this cotton candy pink one.

This piece was so sad and lovely. The small print says, "Last new years eve he stayed home alone sniffing amyl".

My favorite section was the Aborigine art for sure.
I thought this was suede, but it's actually paint!

This is all paint too, the detail is amazing!

This reminds me of a birds nest or a fascinator.

Love these. Reminds me of tents, ghosts, mummies, cocoons...lots of things. 
I feel like people are going to just pop right out of them.

Beads. The shadow is awesome too.

These guys were so cool! Love the white feathers.

Lots of feathers and lovely things.

After the museum, I sat at the outdoor cafe and relaxed. 
I also enjoyed this adorable carrot cake that was so yummy!

I wasn't allowed to photograph the main exhibit, which was a showcase of Japanese fashion. It was amazing! I so wish I could have taken some pieces home...thievery is frowned upon in Australia (weird).


I will share more of our Australia adventures soon. Even baby kangaroos! So stay tuned!

xox, C

ps- let me know what you think about all this art.


  1. Looks like a really fun part of your trip and these photos are lovely! Such beautiful light.

    1. Thanks Caitlin! Looking forward to sharing more. ;)

  2. wow love these! The pics are so beautiful- camera or phone? love the light!

    1. I used my camera. The light there was great, so got a lot of good pictures. :)

  3. Damn-- I wish I had seen the Japanese fashion! Was it current fashion, or older? Love the pics-- it must have been a fascinating set of exhibits, and it looks like it was good for your soul too. After a crushing visit to the rheumatologist earlier this year/almost a year ago, my grampa took me to the Museum of Musical Instruments that was near our hotel in Scottsdale. It helped me SO much, got my mind off of the horrible day before, and just generally lifted my spirits and healed my heart a little.

  4. very nice Catherine! I see more museum visits in your future....

  5. Love your photos. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip. x


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