morning routine

Here's my little morning routine. I wake up between six and seven and make some coffee and cereal. Then I usually watch an episode of Seinfeld or Gilmore Girls since it takes me a few minutes to really  wake up. I take my pills and journal. I write about how I'm feeling, what I did the previous day, and some notes and plans. I also do an online French lesson every few mornings.

I usually end up making a list...or two...or three (obsessed--for sure). Then I get up and do the dishes. I love our kitchen and its magic watching the birds flutter to the bird feeder in the window. Then its time to make the bed, fold the mound of blankets in the living room (lord, is it cold already!), and shower and dress for the day.

I end up heading out to the market for groceries, therapy, or other appointments, and in the Spring I'll be heading out to school!


I really have been focusing on the ritualistic quality of daily tasks. Things I used to dread, like making the bed, or doing dishes, are now moments to savor. There is something little and beautiful in most everything if I just look for it. It makes everything a little brighter.

And if you have an outdoor space, I highly recommend getting a bird feeder. We have two and get so many songbirds! Types of birds I have never seen before fly in for a nibble, and it really is the best.


What's something you love about your morning routine?

xox, C


  1. I loved this post. I am also trying to find magic and joy in my every day routine. It's hard sometimes for people like me- and you- who stay at home all day. The big spectacular moments are great, but life goes on in between them. One day my husband said to me "I love that the bed is made every night when I go to get in it." To me, making the bed was a mindless chore. But the results for him represented comfort and pleasure. I try to remind myself of that.

  2. Oh my god that kitty bowl!! Also, the comment above me is perfect and I can't add a damn thing.


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