Monterey day 1: beach baby

Hi Dolls!

Ronald and I had an amazing time in Monterey last week! As soon as we arrived, he had to leave to teach a class until nine that night, so I had some time to myself. After checking into the hotel, I rushed down to the beach. It was so beautiful! Just thinking of it now, makes me feel all dreamy.

The shore was full of green algae, dead crabs, and chalk like rocks of all sizes. Once I got to the waves the sand looked full of glitter. The water was warmer than I expected and I got soaked up to my knees and wished I packed my bathing suit.

It was the first time, in a very tremendously long time, that I felt like myself and happy. Looking at these pictures I see the spark is back in my eyes. For years I could see something was missing in my eyes, that spark, that lively "I am here" Catherine-ness, and I missed it so. But I can say, ever so apprehensively, that It's back.

I will share more of our trip soon and some of the things I learned and am exploring.

We're back home and some of the sads are here with me. I hate it, but am still powering through. My sleep has been god-awful and I know that is a huge reason I'm feeling down.

But for now, I'm in pjs, watching You've Got Mail after a great long play with the pups in the backyard. I have chores to do (sometimes the habit of cleaning keeps me sane), am working on decorating a bulletin board, and organizing house plans. Then tonight I'll make pasta, and for dessert...watermelon. Which is maybe the only good thing about Summer.

So yes, darlings, life goes on. And sometimes there is wonder...like the ocean. And other times there's shit. But here we go again, and I'm just going to keep. Keep on.

xoxoxox, C


  1. And sometimes there's a few pieces of shit floating in the ocean. But don't worry-- the tide will take care of that.

    It looks marvelous, truly! I adore the ocean. Fortunately, we only live about 4 hours away so I was able to go several times in my childhood. The beach up in Seattle is totally different from the beach in San Diego, but I like it, too. It's different, but that's because it has its own soul.

    I love that rock that you got a picture of. I would have totally taken it home as a souvenir :)

  2. And re: the "spark"… I think I see it. You've got a **REAL** smile on your face, not an "I'm taking a picture so I'd better smile" face. It's beautiful to behold.

  3. You've Got Mail. YES! We're destined, woman. I heart that movie so.

    I love that your trip was so wonderful and brought you back to you. It makes my heart happy to read that. I'm sorry you're in the sads now, but I'm glad for PJ days with good films. ...it's the little things. <3


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