Monterey Day 2: Eat, Drink, and be wavy


Yes, those are my teeth, and I hide them very tactfully in photos. I am just not a fan of them, but I decided to take upside down candid photos of how I reacted when a wave hit me at the beach. It was fun and I laughed quite a bit.

Ronald and I went to eat some junk food for dinner. It was yummy and we had a view of the bay...and booze. Then we went and shared a sundae. It was lovely.

I'll share our last day soon. But for now I need to get ready to go to Ikea. I've been waiting all year so I'm thrilled!

Talk soon!


p.s. I so wish I took that rock that looks like a skull home with me!


  1. that dessert!! :D looks like you've been having a lovely time xx

  2. Ronald's shoe leaned in to yours. I love that. These pictures are all awesome, but that one made me happiest. :) Do cute.

    ...and that sundae. That sundae looks incredible.

  3. I was going to remark how much I loved the upside down teeth smile picture! Also, the one of Ron is super adorable :) Holy cow, I got full just *looking* at that sundae, and the mason jar wine glass is so funny! It looks like a good time. I'm glad.

    Also, ermagerd Ikea!!!!! I friggin' love that place. If only there were one near me...

    1. Also, your shoes are so unique and adorable! I've not seen anything like them before.


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