beach is best

Just a little note to let you know the reason it's been quiet around here is that I'm on vacation. R and I are in Monterey (the California one...hehe). We are having so much fun but are heading home tomorrow. I've spent a lot of time noodling on life, resting on the beach, and being with Ronald. Nothing is better than that fella...seriously. I'll share some of our adventures this coming week.

Talk soon! C


  1. I haven't been on my blog for awhile, but after posting today I just had to check in on you. You are pretty much the only other blogger I read, because we are so similar and I see so much of myself/my life/my struggles in your words. I'm glad you are doing "okay" and I so totally understand what that means. Plus I was tickled pink to see your middle name is Renee. So is mine!!!! Take care, and hope you enjoyed the beach.


I adore your notes! Please don't be shy! :)