as of late

Hi Loves!

Things have been quiet around here. Some of my meds are being rapidly reduced and I am going through crazy withdrawals. Worst headaches ever, tummy aches, trouble sleeping, mood swings, and more fibromyalgia pain as my body freaks out with even the smallest change.

All of this is happening in order to save my life. I have been extremely suicidal and it's been getting worse and worse, so we are doing some quick changes in hopes of getting me stable. I'm really hoping it helps, and if it does, these side effects are totally worth going through.

In my ok moments I have been working on building my container garden (still have more to plant!), snuggling R, taking naps with the pups, and living in my favorite pjs.

On the weekend, Ronald and I moved things around in our living room. Our couch keeps breaking so we have been running out of places to sit. We moved our daybed up against the part of the couch that works to create a makeshift sectional. It's nice to be able to lay in the daybed and still be near R, and the dogs are so happy to have room to stretch out. It cuts the room in half, but for now it works and feels cozy.

Other than that I'm doing a whole bunch of nothing. I can't wait to feel more like myself and get back to my life. Hopefully things will improve soon.

Miss you. More soon...


  1. I hope that the adjustments work and the withdrawals end ASAP!

    I love that picture of your pups on mama's day. So sweet.

  2. You're just so lovely, lady. ...and I want to hug the stuffing out of you....

    <3 Thinking cupcake thoughts to you.

  3. Oh love… I'm so sorry. Withdrawals suck butt. I was weaned off of oxycodone last week, and I'm still feeling it. And I'm still dealing with side effects from adding new meds and all kinds of fun stuff… in short, I get it. And the suicidal stuff, no bueno. I want you to stay here, as I'm sure R does as well. The look on Corey's face when I ask him if he'd be upset if I "left" is usually enough to convince me to hang around at least one more day. Thank you for your sweet message, by the way. I want to take you up on your offer to email. I think you would understand the most of anyone, really. I just haven't had the emotional energy. Been crying a lot. I think I'm about to blog, if I can stand it.

    I love your garden. That's something I want to do. For now, I just have a few houseplants. Bought myself a little miniature rosebush the week before mother's day and the blooms made me smile. When they were spent, I dried the petals to use for tea, because rose is one of my favorite flavors! I'll combine it with mint and chamomile, methinks. Soothing. I need to grow some catnip, too, to that end. And now I'm blogging in your comment section. Sorry!


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