the birthday pup

So it's this little Isabelle's birthday today! She is seven and spunky as a puppy. I have no idea how a pup can get any cuter. She is 15 pounds of moody-adorable-barky wonder. She has a sort of out of control obsession with hedgehog toys* and crunched up water bottles. She can also snore like no one else, it seriously wakes me up in the night! She has a ton of funny nicknames and thinks she can chase and destroy deer, wild turkeys, and the mailman.

I adore this girl and am so happy she is ours. We are out of town so will have to celebrate next week.

Happy birthday Shmoehawk! I love you!

*I can neither confirm or deny that I have fueled this obsession by buying her every hedgehog toy I can find. I even know the stores that have her favorites. Yeah..I am definitely an enabler.


  1. Oh good grief! She's freaking adorable! Happy birthday, pup! Happy dog momiversary, pretty lady! <3

  2. That first picture of her is sooooooo beautiful! She is such a cutie. Happy birthday!

  3. OMG her lil' face!!! sooo cute, congrats on the new K9 member of your family :D dogs are the best xx


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