Hi Dolls!

We are finally home after our adventures across the country. Six days away, then one night home before Ronald and I had to drive up to Yosemite overnight.

It was so hard to get home then leave the next day! After nights in strange hotel rooms, and flights with loads of layovers and stops, home was the best thing ever!

Yesterday morning in Yosemite, I woke up with a cold! I felt so awful and I couldn't adventure and take photographs like I had planned. I was so disappointed! We drove home and all I wanted to do was sleep. Holy moses am I tired! At least I have three pups to snuggle, missed them loads!

So yeah, I'm totally exhausted. The house is a mess and the fridge is empty. But hey, home is the best thing and I am so relieved to be back!

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  1. The feeling of coming home after a long trip is the BEST. Especially when I've been away from my pets. Glad you had a safe trip!


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