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I have caught the garden bug (along with a cold!). My mother-in-law is an amazing gardener, her yard is one of my favorite places to be without a doubt. My sister is also gardening (check out her blog, she is awesome and has the cutest son!). She has built and planted a huge bed of vegetables and is planning on getting some chickens! 

Photo notes:

Yesterday I hung up this gorgeous bird feeder (Target for the win!).

Me and the dog and the slippers.

I love the color of our deck, even with it is falling apart and being full of nails that are popping  out (ouch!) it’s still beautiful.

Plant shopping in the 90 degree heat yesterday. Fuchsia to hang in the front yard. Reminds me of Disneyland.

This succulent is incredible! It has a bunch of these flowers growing wildly out of it. 

Flowers and color ready to be planted in this amazing cedar wood planter (and some tomatoes).

Love this grassy thing, no idea what it is but want to have pots full of it. Understated and modern.

While buying the plants yesterday, the sort of strange 40-something checker told me I had great taste in plants. Made my day. He also said "copacetic".

The violets see you.

Our roses took a beating this week in the heat, still pretty. Don’t mind the weird spots on the leaves, they need some work.

Our liquid amber tree is a giant! Also a good view of our street which is seriously one lane…not fun on garbage day!

The house and more pictures of my slippers…I’m smitten with them (have two matching pairs and might by more...trouble!).


Okay, my little garden gnomes, it's time to start the day. More soon...

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  1. Best of luck with gardening! I'm so jealous of people with yards this spring!!


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