This morning, the four bunches of daffodils stuffed in a jar on the coffee table filled the room with so much of their subtle sweet pollen it made me incredibly hopeful for Spring that even the tickle they gave my nose couldn't take away the joy. 

Now the pups are racing in and out from the backyard, muddy from morning rain, jumping on and off the couches and daybed (which has turned now into a giant dog bed), and now the dark wood floors are coated with grey-mud paw prints. But you know, when you are sick, and when it's almost Spring, you don't mind it. 

I'm still sick. Very sick. Real sick. I called an advice nurse to get an appointment to see my doctor and she said I could have pneumonia or bronchitis. I will see the doctor this afternoon and so hope I get to feeling better soon.

Oh and I started reading, real paper books. I had a discovery yesterday that I need to read actual books rather than ebooks. I have had my iPad full of ebooks and since then I have almost completely stopped reading. Yesterday I bought an actual book and read four chapters on a worn in leather couch at Starbucks next to Ronald. I breezed through it and flipped through the pages sweetly. Closing the book I hugged and held it lovingly. I am a book girl. That feels better.

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  1. I tried eBooks for a long time but paper books are always better. Just better to hold, better to smell. I'm sorry you're still sick :(


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