Buy all the tea saucers!

So I am obsessed with vintage tea saucers. Like, holy-shit I want all of them. I found the best way to find them is on Ebay from sellers in England. Even with their currency being higher than ours, you can still get great deals! I got this plate for $16 with shipping. I found it other place online for $20 or more before shipping. I think I need to go to England and bring a hat box with wrapping to hold all the tea saucers I can find!

I found this plate while searching for an image that describes my Etsy shop name. My shop name is Hunt and Hound. I love it! And this is the exact time of image I imagine when I think of it!

I am getting ready to work with someone on a logo package. I am not willing to pay more than $200 (hopefully much less), if you have an leads of people you have worked with, or know of, let me know. I am scouring Etsy for illustrators, and have found a few I like...

Isn't this plate the best thing on earth? I am completely smitten and want to just cuddle it! ;)


  1. That's awesome!!!! I love old mugs. I pretty much love all vintage kitchen ware and hope to someday just have a random mix of kitchen ware. Or fiesta ware. I can't make up my mind.

    I've been wanting to tell you.. Ole LOVES the dog stuffed animal you sent us. We named him Milfred and he loves to chew on Milfred. Also, I put up one of the paintings you sent me in my bathroom. We just moved to a new place and we get to paint this place.. the colors of the painting are what we are wanting the colors of our house to be. It is so peaceful.

    1. Baylee, you are such a doll! I can totally picture you with a kitchen full of vintage! I can't wait to see your new place! Pics please!

      Plus the fact that Ole loves that dog toy makes me so incredibly happy, you have no idea! And that you love my paintings, you are the best thing ever.

      Love you girl! Send me a note any time, and I will try too!



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