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Hi lil' pups!

So I'm sick. Woke Saturday with a bit of a head cold that has quickly turned into a pretty rotten chest cold-mess-thing. Whatever it is, it's not fun. 

I'm so tired and bored so I decided to take a few photographs of my day...

First up are a few shots of Cricket getting ready to sprint into the house and jump on me. She is a fast little thing and loves to do laps around the yard and house like a greyhound. It has been pouring for four days so the pups have been cooped up. Today Cricket decided to run laps anyway while I wasn't paying attention. She came inside with mud all the way up her legs! She was a mess but also really happy. 

I can't wait to tear these trees out of our backyard so we can have a better view of the huge hill behind our place. These trees freak me out big time.

Love this hanging plant I found a few weeks ago. I have an ivory macrame' hanger to use for it but I'm not sure where I want to hang it. I am a sucker for holiday window clings, too!

The girls made this mess in a matter of minutes! At least they are having fun.

Love these pink colored poms. I can't get enough of frilly party decorations!

Glad I have these huge bottles of sparkling water. I don't drink regular water other than when I take pills, so seltzer is a must, and the orange essence in this brand is perfect!

I should have had a nap today but I didn't. I guess watching boring tv is better than nightmares. I have had the worst frights when I sleep so I try not to, which probably makes it worse...ah well.

Hopefully I get better soon, and good things start happening.

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