Happy Valentine!

Here are some of my favorite finds this week. I love the frame, and the banner would be so fun in a bedroom! That tea set is insane! Yes, heart plates (pitter-patter and sighs). It's out of stock and I'm so sad, even though I don't need another tea set and don't have the money...I want!

The poster is so cute and would fit our house so well color wise. Oh and, those are homemade kit-kats! My favorite candy bar! We might make them this weekend and have an ice cream sundae making contest!

R and I are both sick. We have reservations for a nice dinner and I am going to put on a lace dress and some lipstick and hold that boys hand. We have had beyond our fair share of hard times and lately I feel like I am holding onto him for dear life. I'm glad he is here. He is a goose and I am a goose, and that's good.

I love Valentines Day, love is good and messy, and pink and red is the best color combo on earth (for reals), and then there are flowers, and chocolates, and candle light, it's like my heaven!

I hope you have a good one no matter what. And don't forget to be mine. ;)

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