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Hello Dollies!

I just updated my pages bar (at the top of the page below the header). There you will find some of my poetry, a few art things, and some thoughts on depression as well as the womanifesto I wrote last year. Check it out if you want to learn more about me, and let me know your thoughts!

Things have been a bit hectic around here. Ronald and I are going home project crazy. Along with all that, I am in a lot of pain from fibromyalgia, and I have given up almost all refined sugar (I am a sugar queen so this is kind of crazy!). 

Ronald is doing most of the home projects and I am taking care of the design. Yesterday he painted our hallway (that probably hasn't been painted since the 1960s) a powder-blue-grey. It is so pretty and we found chandelier looking lights with crystal beading, I think it is going to look so elegant! He also painted our master bathroom a honey yellow. It looks great!

I'm having a little too much fun looking for design ideas online and pinning them on my secret Pinterest boards (some things are one of a kind so I don't want someone else to snatch them up!). Today we are going to look for a new couch as well as a king size mattress for our bedroom. We may even head to Ikea (if we/I am lucky).

Our house has been in need of some love. Since we had our kitchen remodeled two years ago we have done very little with this crazy fixer-upper. And since my fibromyalgia diagnoses at Christmas we need new furniture that is more supportive and transitional for when I am in pain.


As I said above, I have given up nearly all refined sugar. It is/has been hard but not as hard as I imagined. I realized that the grab and go type of food I was eating was very high in sugar. I have cut out fruit juice, candy, sports drinks, desserts, sugary cereals, and most everything that doesn't have some sort of whole grain. I've even cut out sugary salad dressing, and sauces when I cook. 

I mostly eat nuts, brown rice, peanut butter, cheese, whole grain bread and pasta, any veggies or fruit I want, and beans. My one vice is diet soda. I drink more than ever but I know I can ween myself to a lower amount once I get through my sweet withdrawals. I also have sugar free pudding with a little whipped cream and chopped walnuts. Luckily it is high in calcium so it does have some good qualities. 

This is my third week of a low sugar diet and I feel fine on it. I don't feel that much better, but I feel great knowing I am eating healthier. I have lost some weight and am at the lowest weight I have been since winter.

I need to go pick more paint colors for the house. I'm currently picking the perfect pink for my craft room! 

xx, C


  1. Wo0t! @ getting some painting done. How does it he it so fast? LOL I have been working on a Pantry for months. /baddie.

    Hope your diet helps you to feel better!!

  2. I really, really need to give up refined sugar. I am noticing I have an addiction to it. Which is weird because before I was pregnant I never ate refined sugar and even HATED sweets. But since being pregnant I LOVE sweets and can't get enough.. I need to get enough! I like that you put what you are eating now as I need ideas.


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