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Along with our living room makeover, we are downsizing my desk (in the living room) from a heavy dining room table that could seat six, to a slim and simple table. We are selling my desktop computer so I only need room to paint, write, and use my laptop on the desk. I really like the simplicity it will bring to the room and I want to leave the desk area nice and clean. I am so excited to get it all set up!

Pictured above is the desk I am planning on getting and some other inspiration I have for my little corner. 

I am so excited about our living room plans! We are actually going to put a daybed in the room that can expand to a double bed (we will have a couch too) so I can rest in a room other than the bedroom when I am having a fibromyalgia flare up. I'm so excited about how the room is going to look! Or at least how I imagine it turning out...

Do you have a desk? Where is it located in your home?

xx, C

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