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A quote from this awesome letter makes me want to write so much.

Hi Babes!

I completed one of my DIYs. I made my wall of goals! I have yet to hang them as I'm waiting for my desk to be set up, but I am so happy with how they turned out! I don't have the sources for the background images (sorry!) please know I'm not taking credit for them at all. I did make the writing overlay.

This was super easy and other than card stock to print them on and a printer it is completely free to make! Here is a quick note on what I did (far from a tutorial but just a little peak).

I used Picasa. It is a completely free downloadable program from google. I use it to make picture collages to use as my desktop background. I also use it to make collage images for the blog. It is really easy to use and automatically downloads all the images on your computer into its folders, which saves you a lot of work! Since I don't have photoshop, this is a quick way to do a little editing and creative things to images. 

Picasa also allows you to put words on images, which I love. I used a standard font and then faded it a bit as the tutorial suggests, then I chose my image size when I went to print (5x7), put some card stock in the printer and voila! 

It took me a while to decide what goals to use. I have so many and I wanted ones that weren't overwhelming but actually encouraging- of course. I'm going to tack them to the wall with gold pins. 

This is such an easy and fun DIY! If you are looking for some inspirational reminders or art for a room I really recommend you try it!

Happy making!

xx, C

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