so that was the weekend

Ordered this custom sign from my favorite blogger Kaelah Bee! This Snow Patrol lyric has been our sort of our battle cry against my depression this year. It definitely deserves a place on our wall!


Hello Darlings! 

I can basically only show you photographs of the flowers and plants in the house this morning as things are pretty damn disheveled around here. This weekend we made over much of our living room but we still have a bit of furniture to move around and all the business of putting books back on shelves, decorating, and cleaning the little messes we made in the process. 

So far I love the look and can't wait to decorate! I'm going kind of want-to-do-everything-now crazy but I have therapy this morning and a few other things to do, so it has to wait, and it will...believe me, messes always do.

Also, yesterday was a disaster. I hardly slept Saturday night even though I tried. When I woke up I was terrified. I mean feeling like I was in immanent danger terrified. I took my anti-anxiety medication and it didn't help at all. When I showered I thought a towel I could see through the shower door was the angel of death. I was scared of everything. Scared of the house, my bed pillow, mirrors, etc. Ron took me out and that calmed me down a bit but the idea of going back home that afternoon caused the anxiety to flare again. 

I thought I had reached a new juncture of my illness and was having a break from reality. It lasted the entire day, I couldn't rest even though I was exhausted beyond words. That morning I checked all my pill organizers to make sure I took my meds, and I did...or at least I thought I did. When I went to take my pills last night I realized I had forgotten to take my meds the night before! For some reason when I checked that morning I looked at the wrong day. I felt so much better once I found the culprit of my anxiety. I was able to sleep well last night and feel mostly better this morning.

Overall it was a mixed weekend. Ronald helped me so much yesterday and Saturday worked his ass off putting furniture together, he is pretty much wonderful.

How was your weekend?

xx, C


Stay tuned for our living room reveal!


  1. I love Kaelah's blog too, lovely choice of sign. Your flowers and dog canister are all beautiful. Hope you're feeling a little better today? xx

  2. Thank you doll! I am feeling a lot better. You're too sweet!



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