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Hello Dolls!

I'm an avid/obsessive list writer. I have ongoing lists for just about everything. I'm also a crazy perfectionist when it comes to shopping lists. I start over if there is a typo and always organize my list based on where things are in the particular store (yeah). 

Lately I've noticed my desk is a mess with lists everywhere and when I tidied my desk I stuffed all the lists in my journal. This became a problem because I totally forgot the lists I had. I seriously spent two weeks trying to think of a good way to organize my lists. I keep lists on various sized papers and such and I didn't like the idea of having a single notebook to write all my lists on.

I decided on a clipboard because then I could clip all my lists to it and have them easy to grab. Once I got to Target to get the clipboard I started hating the idea. I seriously spent fifteen minutes standing around and walking through the two isles of office supplies they have. 

I kept looking at the binders. And I hate-hate-hate binders. They really bug me because they don't lay flat and remind me of school. But then I bit the bullet and bought a binder and some clear sheet protectors. Once I got home I set it all up and I have to admit that binders are good for something because it works perfectly.

I love how I can put any size paper in the sheet protectors and how easy it is access all my lists in one spot. Even with my hate for binders, I like the blue color of this one and that I can insert a page in the front and back with anything I want (I'm thinking of finding some magazine clippings).

I'm also going to add tabs for each subject. Such as: home projects, to dos, DIYs, blog ideas, etc.

If you are a crazy list writer like me I recommend this little method. 

Happy list making!

xx, C

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