swings and paint

Ronald's parents bought us this swing for his birthday. Ronald put it together yesterday and it is so nice! I'm on it right now in the cool morning before it gets incredibly hot for the day.

We are working on choosing paint colors for the house. We are repainting our living room and bedroom, and painting the hallway, and our two spare rooms for the first time. You can tell the spare rooms and the hallway because the walls are old and yellowed, so gross! It will be nice to finally paint those spaces.

Out of the twelve samples we only really love one color, a blue for Ron's room (we are each getting our own spare room to use as we like. Other than that we aren't totally sold on any of the paints. There are some we like, but we don't love them and that concerns me. We are going to try some of the colors in different rooms to see if that makes a difference. If not, it's back to Home Depot to get more colors.

I think I tried so hard to stay away from sage green that I went too far on the light green scale to mint and super pale colors. I like sage green in other homes, but it just isn't for our house. I love green though and don't really like any other colors other than a pink for my spare room, I want super light colors, we are repainting our two dark rooms because they started making me feel claustrophobic, so we'll see how this works out.

I have been wanting to go to Ikea so bad these last few weeks. We have a growing list of things to buy there. A lot of the pieces are not my style but I still love the place. And even though the couch we bought there in November is a piece of shit now (lesson learned), they still have some good stuff, especially on a budget. We will go next weekend as long as I don't have a flare up and can actually walk, fingers crossed...

How was/is your weekend?

Love, C

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  1. I've been wanting to go to Ikea too. The closest one to us is 3 hours away in Atlanta though. I love that swing! I would totally fall asleep on that!


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