Today we are saying goodbye to the charcoal grey walls in our living room. I have loved dark statement colors for a long time, but this year I've become more sensitive to my surroundings and the darkness of this grey room makes me feel uncomfortable and unsettled. It's strange but just thinking about it makes me want to leave the house. No wonder I have been spending most days wandering around town these last few weeks.

Out of the ten color samples we tried, we went with the one above. I love how it has a minty-cream quality to it but is understated enough to still be a neutral palate for pretty much any accent colors or artwork.

Ronald is going to do the painting as I would be destined for a flare-up if I joined in. I am going to try to prime and re-paint our fireplace white. It won't require much reaching and bending so we'll see if I can do it.

I'll try to snap some photos of the painting process. Stay tuned...

xx, C

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