Oh lordie! I woke at 4:15 this morning from a nightmare and I was too scared to go back to sleep. Not the best way to start the day.

Above is a glimpse of our newly painted living room. I am so in love with the color! Going from charcoal to mint green in a matter of hours (Ronald worked his ass off painting) took a bit of an adjustment. I feel such a lightness being in the space now and feel so much more at home in it.

Nothing has been hung on the walls and I'm only really decorating with flowers/candles and a few of our larger decorative pieces that we didn't stow away while painting. I'm in the middle of working out my design ideas for the space.

We are getting all new furniture other than our coffee table, bookshelf, and entertainment stand. I know I want to use lots of white in the space and also incorporate the dark brown of the floors and ceiling beams in some areas. I am going to get floral lace sheers to replace our plain sheer curtains. And I'm going to edit the crap out of my normal design aesthetic. I love having lots of things around, especially when they are important and meaningful to me. But I also love when rooms have an understated quality to them. I know the wall color we chose is bold so I will have to be smart about every item I put in the space.

I have a few color accent ideas that I will most likely showcase in pillows and throws (oh and the enormous rug we want to get). I am thinking periwinkle blue but more on the silver-grey end, dusty-rose pink, grey-green, emerald green, and maybe a navy blue or two.

I am so excited to have an almost blank canvas to work with! I am going to do my best to show my decorative process in pictures and writing out my ideas. So keep an eye out!

xx, C


  1. I do love this color! I want to paint our all-white walls throughout the entire house, but the color choices always overwhelm me at the stores. Also, I'm notorious for accidentally getting paint on the ceilings and trim... :( Maybe I will start with just a tiny project, like the bathroom. But your color choice is very refreshing, very nice!

  2. I love the color girlie! Its very calming! We just painted our livingroom from a light blue-grey to white! Its so clean looking!

  3. It look's great! Hopefully the brightness will cheer you up.

    I need to get crackin' on the BRIGGGHHTT Teal I chose for the pantry. haha.

  4. Wow, that color is so beautiful and calming. I love the light and airy look. Great job.



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