new design + thrift finds

Morning Loves!

Yesterday afternoon I installed the new blog design (bought here). I love it so much! It's not what I would normally pick, but it is nice to branch out and try something new. What do you think? 

Below are a few of the goodies I snatched up at the thrift store last week. I'm saving my favorite find for another post, so stay tuned!

Gigantic milk glass bowl. Perfect for salads this Summer. 

I was so excited to find this antique Transferware tea cup for two dollars!
My favorite tattoo that is on my left arm is modeled after this other 
Transferware design so I have a bit of a soft spot for it.

I love this vintage Pyrex casserole. No lid, but complete pieces are so hard to find anyway. I have to be honest, when I first saw this on the shelf I didn't think it was Pyrex as I have never seen this design before. Not sure if that means it is a rare design or if I am not as learned in Pyrex as I thought.

This antique serving dish was one of the first things I spotted. I love the design and colors! 

I couldn't believe I found this pink beauty all lonely at a thrift store! 
I always have a hard time figuring out if these chickens are vintage or not...I have another small blue one that is the prettiest color. This one is a soft pink and is huge! Love, love, love it.

Two vintage ties for Ronald. I love that one is from Penney's!

Pretty vintage scarves for my hair. I find that the scarf section at thrift stores is so overlooked. I find a Vera scarf almost every time I go for no more than a dollar! This time I found this Burmel beauty for two bucks. It's worth about twenty dollars which covers half of my bill for this trip!


I really need to go thrifting more. I absolutely love it, it isn't expensive, and it makes me much happier and more satisfied overall. 

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day. I'm in horrible pain today, so we'll see how it goes...

xx, C

*A little housekeeping note: I no longer show my google reader follow button since google reader is going away in July. What that means for you is that all the blogs you follow on google reader will be lost to you unless you bookmark the blogs separately, or use another following program like bloglovin'. I use bloglovin' and it transfers all the blogs you follow from google reader in just a few clicks! Please look into a new blog reader program as I don't want to lose you and worse yet, have you lose all the blogs you follow! If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me. ;)


  1. I love the new design!!! Great pick :) Feel better love!

  2. I LOVE the new design! It's beautiful! I've got that same Pyrex pattern in a bowl. I hadn't seen it anywhere before either, so I think it is a rare design.

    1. Thanks Karen! I want to try to look up the Pyrex design but have no idea how to describe it!

  3. Love the new design, it is very soothing. Thrift store finds do make bad days better! Hope you feel better quick!
    Blessed be...

    1. Thanks Liz. I do like how understated the design is, even though it is glittery it is calming for some reason...

  4. I love your new design! Plus all those pretties!


    1. Hi Meg! I've missed you! Glad you left a note! I need to check out your new blog!

      xx, C

  5. LOVE everything you got! I love having mismatched cooking stuff! I want moreeeee! But I never go and do it. I love the chicken! My great grandma collected everything chicken. It was weird. But awesome!


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