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Hello my lovelies. It's almost evening. I'm completely exhausted, and watching Family Guy. Ronald is helping run a charity poker tournament our company hosts right now. I miss him.

In health news, I found out my cortisol levels are extremely low. We ran the test thinking my cortisol levels would be high, so it was kind of a shock to find them so low. This pretty much explains my exhaustion, extreme muscle and joint pain, and weakness. The results came in late last night so I have to wait until Monday to hear from my doctor and to see what to do next.

I'm trying to have an ok day. This morning we moved the bed back to the bedroom (it had been in the living room all week). We went to coffee and walked through the garden section of the hardware store. I tried to breathe deep, walk slow, dream about good things happening and garden plans.

We stopped at the market and they had the big puffy pom-pom carnations in shades of pink. I bought one bunch in each color even though I already had flowers at home. Each bunch is in a different vase on the coffee table looking pretty.

Once we got home we tidied up, started the dishwasher, and changed the blankets on the bed. I sprayed lavender vanilla room spray all through the house. Ronald helped me take a bath in our tiny pink tub, as I'm too weak to stand up long enough to shower. I've actually never used the tub since it is so small and old, but it worked.

I'm trying to take it slow and enjoy the good things. Things have been pretty rough this year. This past week has seriously been one of the most painful both physically and emotionally of my life. I'm trying to get through it as best I can, and keep some resilience stashed away for what is to come.

Now it's time to rest. Tomorrow Ronald and I are going on a date if I feel up to it. I am so excited and already picked an outfit to wear, and I'm going to paint my nails a fun color. Should be fun. I need time with him. There is never enough time when it comes to that mister.

xx, C

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