just keep going

I love this little dust bunny. 

These yellowy-orange spider mums are dreamy.

The tulips are already dying and I bought them two days ago.

A ceramic mushroom I bought to paint, but I sort of like it better stark white.

Added a little crown to my favorite lady.

I love her.


So I am still so sick. I'm really depressed about it. I had some lab work done this morning and received some of the results already, and all seems fine. I sort of wish something was wrong (not anything major) just something to explain why I feel so crappy. 

I'm not sleepy but can't get out of bed because I am so weak. It's so totally frustrating to feel like this and to not be able to do anything. My life has totally stopped for the time being.

At least I have three pups to cuddle. And our bed is in the living room full of comfy worn-in quilts (that really really need to be washed), I have a few candles, a fan (its 80 degrees out!), flowers, and shows to watch (re-watching Damages). I even have my favorite lavender body spray, and plenty of seltzer water. So I'll be ok if my mind just doesn't go crazy.

I hope to get to posting happy things soon. I also have a second blog in the works that will be centered on different areas of life. I will still post here though, so am not going anywhere. 

On another blog related note: did you know google reader is shutting down soon (July 1, 2013)? When it shuts down if you don't have my blog address bookmarked on your web browser, or know the blogs address, you won't be able to find me! An easy way to keep all your blogs together is trough bloglovin', I thought it would be a difficult process to transfer all my blogs to their site but it was super easy! All you do is make an account and link it to google reader. It will automatically move all the blogs you follow over. There are also other blog reader sites out there, bloglovin' is just the one I use. I really don't want to lose you guys so put it on your to-do list! 

Anyway, I will be checking in again soon. Take care my dears!

xx, C

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