grin and bear it and other such

Cricket eyeing the carrots.

Bought some scratchers out of desperation. Lost.

Sick days.

Insincere fortunes.

Old movies in bed.

Soft morning light.

Wearing my hair down.

View through the flowers.

Charlie Brown shoes.

Taking myself on a date.

Very happy with this whole scarf-in-hair discovery.

More flowers.

Good coffee mug.

New note pad.

The good thing out of all this life nonsense is that my depression is lessening a little. Things are still hard as hell, but my mind is getting a break from the constant ravaging depressed thoughts. 

Plus, it's the weekend. Plus, it's a three day weekend. Plus, music exists. And you, my dear reader, exist too. And I really just love you.

xx, C


  1. nawww Catherine! You're a superhero!! xxox

  2. My dog Blaze loves him some baby carrots! I'm in love with your head scarf!


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