rainy days and mondays

It's overcast and cool out. Great for pictures and creating quiet moods. The house is full of peonies. Everywhere I look their full-bodied goodness is bouncing back at me. They fill each room with a shimmery soft fragrance that trickles from their never ending petals like a secret. Nothing compares to that smell other than the happy sprinkling of daffodil, and perhaps Chanel No. 5.

I've decided to wear perfume every day this week. I have a silver tray full of the stuff and wear a spritz or two maybe twice a month if I'm lucky. At that rate I will probably never finish a bottle! With every spray I imagine a letting of the magic inside its glass and it makes me nervous. So yesterday I wore a spicy floral and today I'll choose another. Why keep it in a bottle when it's meant to be in atmosphere and memory sensors?

I am in loads of pain and it really is the worst. I had this unshared wish that Ronald and I would end the  long weekend at Ikea, buying me a new art desk, but that is not to be. Instead I have to rest and try to quiet down. I think I can do one or two things but I have to remind myself to go slow and steady as to not awaken the vengeful fibromyalgia gods any more than they are already.

Ho-hum and keep going. I have this unending feeling that life is continually getting away from me. All these set-backs, and down days really take a toll.

But there are flowers, and a day off, cool weather and puppies (lots of).

xx, C

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